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Do you have a thirst for a challenge and are you hungry to run your own successful business? We have opportunities to be part of one of the fastest growing juice bar and grill chains in the UK.

Every customer is different and at Hello Goodness we believe that the customer experience is what makes us stand apart from other juice and nutritional fast food bars. From the moment they walk through the door, we want our customers to feel valued.

We know what we’re talking about when it comes to juice and nutrition and we share that knowledge with our customers, giving free nutritional advice so that they are confident that the service and products they receive from us are effective in promoting health and wellbeing. We build relationships with our customers and we have found that most of them are so happy they are telling others and best of all, they keep coming back for more!


The juice revolution

The juice buzz started in the US with reports of companies generating millions of pounds by providing a solution to the collective consciousness of the public that diet and nutrition is a key factor in their health and wellbeing.

Growth has also been driven by the increasing consumer demand for convenient, on-the-go food and drink to fit with their fast-paced lifestyle. A recent study of food expenditure in the UK revealed that British adults are spending 34% of their entire food budget on fast food and takeaways.

The average person now makes their way through 84 fast food meals over the course of a year and that doesn’t include the 64 ready meals; running up a bill of £1,304 over 12 months. People are becoming increasingly busy and so not surprisingly 13% of those surveyed claimed they simply do not have time to cook from scratch. We have the solution; we don’t just deliver the ingredients, we deliver a healthy meal cooked with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, delivered to our customer’s home at a time to suit them, hot and ready to eat. For the customer too busy to even stop and eat we prepare the meal and have it ready for them to collect and take away. Our menu includes a selection of main meals and vegetables so there is something to suit everybody.

  • Juice Bar – Fresh and nutritional juices and hot and healthy meals cooked on the
  • Online Bar & Grill Delivery service
  • Weekly Meal Plan Menu for delivery and take-away
  • Juice Cleanse Program

In order to cope with the increasing customer demand, we need to open more Hello
Goodness juice bar & grill’s and are looking for partners across Merseyside.


Hello Goodness Franchise

  1. Every Hello Goodness Franchise Partner is a professional and ambitious business person. As part owner of their own Juice bar and Grill, they are committed to the
    growth of the business and proud to have a share in the success of Hello Goodness.
  2. Our Franchise Partners understand the appeal of a menu filled with nutritious and
    wholesome items. Many are already committed to living a healthy lifestyle, and their business is a way to share their belief in healthy eating habits with others.
  3. Franchise Support & Training; our success depends on your success. We take extensive steps to make sure you are well prepared to manage an efficient and profitable operation with ongoing support and training if needed.
  4. Earning Potential – The healthy dining market is exploding. IBIS World estimates the current revenue from juice and smoothie’s to be about £1.4bn, projected to reach
    £1.57bn over the next five years.

Our Franchise Partners can expect to generate “healthy” profits from their business.


For more information about Hello Goodness business opportunities contact us on
01704 873390